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Umbrella Insurance

California residents looking to supplement their auto and homeowner’s insurance personal liability coverage will benefit from additional protection offered by Allegiant Insurance Services. Our umbrella insurance policies are robust because they protect the insured from additional expenses if a claim ever exceeds their current liability protection.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Overall, umbrella insurance is a specific policy that provides the insured with an added measure of protection. It safeguards their personal liability in case something negative like an auto accident or a slip and fall happens on their property.

An umbrella insurance policy isn’t available to everyone. You must have existing auto insurance or home insurance to qualify. By extending the limits of your personal liability coverage, you’ll protect your personal property and finances by limiting your level of vulnerability during difficult and unexpected situations.

When Does Umbrella Coverage Take Effect?

At Allegiant Insurance Services, we realize that homeowners and vehicle owners are sometimes in precarious positions, and we’re here to help. Someone could fall and hurt themselves on your property. Or you could get into an auto accident, and it’s your fault.

In these situations, the portion of your auto insurance and homeowner’s insurance liability will pay for these damages to a certain degree. If the accident or injury leads to medical bills or other expenditures that surpass your initial liability protection, having an umbrella policy in place will cover the remaining expenses without the policyholder ever needing to pay the difference out of their own pocket.

Who Should Consider an Umbrella Policy?

Individuals who should consider an umbrella policy include:

  • Arrow IconHigh net worth individuals
  • Arrow IconYouth sports coaches
  • Arrow Icon Volunteers
  • Arrow Icon Homeowners with a swimming pool or trampoline
  • Arrow Icon Homeowners who host many gatherings and parties
  • Arrow Icon Homeowners who cannot afford to pay for a lawsuit out-of-pocket

How to Obtain California Umbrella Insurance

We work diligently to provide home and vehicle owners with the best insurance policies to meet their needs. We want our customers safe, protected, and invulnerable to paying personal

liabilities out of their own pockets. Contact Allegiant Insurance Services in California to receive a no-obligation quote for umbrella insurance today.

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