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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is a broad term used to describe a wide range of insurance coverage for your company. Also called business insurance, this includes insurance for things like the building that houses your company, your death or the death of a key employee, vehicle insurance for your fleet of delivery vans, or insurance in the event your business is unable to open for an extended period due to a fire or natural disaster. Because every business is different, every commercial insurance portfolio is different. A good commercial insurance portfolio includes those policies that will allow your business to continue to exist even when bad and unexpected things happen. Allegiant Insurance Services can help answer your questions.

Why your business needs commercial insurance

Every business needs commercial insurance. Whether you're a single employee business selling home-made crafts at flea markets or you own a business with dozens of employees and a commercial building, you need some type of business insurance. These policies help protect your company from the risk associated with the unexpected. That might be someone tripping on your extension cord at a flea market and being injured or a fire shutting down your manufacturing facility. As you are well aware, the larger your business, the more people depend on you for products and their livelihood. It's good business and the right thing to do to protect those people. From a more practical point of view, having the right commercial insurance keeps you in compliance with federal and state laws regarding workman's compensation and liability insurance.

To learn more about commercial insurance and what types of coverages make the most sense for your California business, contact our experienced commercial insurance team. Allegiant Insurance Services has been helping Southern California businesses like yours for more than a decade. We realize that every business is unique. That's why we work to understand the way your company operates and your dreams for the future before we ever suggest an insurance product.

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