Small Business Marketing on a Budget

April 24, 2020 | By:Neilson Marketing Services

Not all marketing tactics have to break the bank. Luckily, you can find super powerful ways to market your business for free or at little cost.

Hard-Hitting Small Business Marketing Tips

Consider the following ideas that can help you spread the news about your business and get your marketing strategy up and running. 

Referral Program

Most consumers trust recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising. You can boost your word-of-mouth marketing by introducing a customer referral program. Try offering your existing customers something (free sample product, complimentary service, discounts, or other low-cost rewards) for referring new customers. 


A customer satisfaction survey is a great way to learn about your customer base and for customers to remember you. Customers want to know that their opinion matters and, in return, feel invested which will translate into stronger loyalty. You also might learn about new ways you can improve your business. 

One-to-one Marketing

This customer relationship strategy is designed to boost personalized interactions with customers. Consider sending handwritten postcards to valued customers or personalized birthday emails. Personalizing interactions with customers promotes loyalty and a better return on marketing investment. 

Industry Partnership

Team up with a business that complements yours for a joint project. You can do this by hosting a joint special event or online giveaway. Partnering with another business will give you access to their customer base, which would otherwise cost you big bucks. 


Email marketing is a great way to get new visitors engaged with your business while maintaining relationships with your existing customers. 

Promote your e-newsletter on your website or store so people can sign up. This will establish customer loyalty or nurture subscribers to become customers over time. 


Charity events are a great place for brand visibility and for a good cause. Potential customers will associate your business with a feel-good helpful attitude, and you’ll just have to donate some time or possibly some product.

Professional Connections 

Connecting with other professional organizations will offer better visibility in the community and offer opportunities to network with other local businesses. 

Conferences are a crucial marketing idea for small businesses as they help you network with other leaders in the industry for a potential future partnership, gain new customers, and get your brand in front of a large number of individuals. 


A YouTube presence is a great, cost-effective marketing idea. You could create short videos explaining what your business does, or you could dive deep into a topic that relates to your business. Your potential customers might be searching for how-to videos that give you an opportunity to catch their attention. And with the ability to shoot videos on any smartphone, this can be a free marketing ploy. 

Social Media

Do you invest in establishing and maintaining your social media profiles as much as you should? It is important that your social media channels are put to good use, meaning using those channels to interact with your customers who are either reviewing you or commenting on your posts. 

You can also partner up with influencers on social media to build presence. Send them a gift and they might feature you in a post or story. You could also pay for influencers to advertise your product or services. It can be worth the investment if you find an influencer whose audience base overlaps with your own

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