Important Year-Round Home Maintenance Tips

April 10, 2020 | By:Neilson Marketing Services

Regular home maintenance prevents smaller issues from becoming larger ones. However, home maintenance is much more than just aesthetics, it’s also about functionality. Making continuous checks and small repairs when needed can make all the difference. A home is likely the biggest investment of our lives, and performing regular maintenance can protect your assets. 

Monthly Home Maintenance

Performing monthly home maintenance can help preserve the structure and systems in your home. These task consist of:  

Checking and cleaning the kitchen vent hood filter

These filters trap grease and dust, keeping your kitchen clean. 

Looking for leaks in and around sinks and toilets

Stopping a small drip right away can prevent damage to your cabinets, floors, and even the rooms below.

Checking HVAC system filters

The frequency of this depends on climate, system type, and other factors, but changing the filters once every 90 days is typically recommended. 

Inspecting fire extinguishers

A functional fire extinguisher should be handy at all times to prevent a small mishap from creating significant damage. Make sure that you have extinguishers ready where you need them.

Paying attention to your utility bills

A sudden increase in your water, electric, or gas usage is a red flag that a hidden issue is occurring.

Quarterly Home Maintenance

Consider these maintenance tasks that should be done every few months: 

Run water in rarely-used spaces

Unused bathroom drains can cause a funky scent. Taps and valves can also seize up if unused for long periods of time.

Check your water softener

Leaks and salt level may need attending to.  

Inspect caulking and grout

Strongly sealed seams, both indoors and out, prevent water damage, help save on utility bills, and keep pests out; so it’s important to stay up on any damage that needs repaired. 

Test smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors

These life-saving devices can easily be tested with the push of a button. 

Deep cleaning 

Doing a thorough cleaning of your entire home about every three months will ensure that these tasks do not get to an unbearable stage.

Biannual Home Maintenance

Even though these tasks only need to be done a couple of times per year, they can  preserve some of the most valuable parts of your home:

Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Planned replacement will ensure your detectors are working in case of emergency.

Vacuum refrigerator coils

When coils are dirty, they don’t work as well, causing your fridge to work harder, use more power, and even potentially fail. Clean them with a soft brush and a vacuum with a hose attachment.

Test your water heater pressure relief valve

This valve releases any excessive buildup of heat or pressure within your water heater, preventing a messy and damaging explosion. If needed, contact a plumber to replace the valve.

Flush air conditioner drain line

This prevents messy, damaging leaks. Check your drip pan for leaks as well.  

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